Send Large Files and Videos Fast

Sending large files to anyone, from anywhere and on any device, has never been easier or more secure

Why Use Box to Send Big Files?

With Box you can exchange large files quickly, easily and securely with anyone—even if they’re outside of your company firewall. Easily generate a Box link that you can send via email, or simply share your file directly from Box! It’s that fast. Users will have the option to preview, edit and comment, or download the file from any device. And since Box supports more than 120 types of files of all sizes, there’s virtually no limit to what you can send.

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Easily Send Large Files Online with Box

Send Large Files with One Simple Click. Easily send stored files and folders with a simple link sent via email, or straight from Box. It’s a cinch to add, move or edit files—ensuring that you’ll always have the latest copy on hand—without ever having to update the link.


Preview Documents Without the Hassle. There’s no need to download new software to view big files. With Box, clients can browse and share more than 120+ files, including Word, Excel, PDF, AI, EPS, PSD, videos, music, photos and more.


Go Mobile. The modern workplace isn’t limited to the cubicle. With Box, view & share files from any mobile device—or save files for later to access offline.

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The Cloud Solution for Sending Big Files

Integrated Solutions. Whether you’re sharing the latest sales presentation, company photos, or the blueprints for your new construction site, Box has 1,400+ integrated apps to help your company and its clients collaborate and finish projects quickly and efficiently.


Easily Send Video Files. Whether you’re an Oscar-nominated filmmaker or small video production company, you’ll need a simple way to send your video files in any format. With Box, you’ll revolutionize how you collaborate on your creative visual endeavors.


Simple Content Management. In modern business, content is increasingly multimedia and the files are big —photos, videos, slide decks, PDFs, and more. Now you can send them all easily: the best way to share your large files is with Box.

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Keep Sensitive Files Under Wraps. Need to share confidential information? Create links with password-protected access, set link expiration dates, or delete links entirely, so that your files are exchanged only when you want, with whom you want.


Never Lose Files. Synchronize your desktop, web, and mobile content with Box Sync so you always have instant access to your large and important files. Quickly find what you’re looking for using in-document search capabilities and get right back to work.


Make Changes on the Fly. Improve workflow and client communication with automatic notifications, so each party can instantly review when a file has been opened or changed.

Securely Manage Your Content and Other Files

Want to protect your files even further? Box KeySafe enables businesses to take ownership over their encryption keys while delivering a frictionless end-user experience.

Ready to Send Large Files Quickly & Securely?