Get to work. Breathe easy with Box and Office 365.

Welcome to work. Your people’s files are still all over the place. That means no one’s getting anything done, your information isn’t secure, and your inbox is piling up. What if you started your day with a giant sigh of relief instead of the chaos you’ve come to expect? Get teams moving with our Box and Office 365 integration.


Box and Microsoft have worked together for nearly 15 years, bringing together the world’s most popular office suite with the world leader in cloud content management. Only Box and Office 365 together help your people collaborate securely — both internally and externally.

In this guide, discover why Box is the perfect complement to Office 365. You’ll learn how together, we enable:


  • A single source of truth that makes it quick and easy for users to find what they need and open Word documents online (plus Excel, PowerPoint, and more)
  • Seamless integrations with the entire Office 365 suite — and every other app you use, from Microsoft Teams and Slack to Okta
  • Simplified admin tools for managing collaboration securely, externally, and at scale
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Bring all of your files and apps together in one seamless platform.

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