How marketing gets it all together

Marketing departments often rely on inefficient production processes that use a mix of emails, file sharing apps, and printed documents for revisions and approvals.


With Box, manage the creative process from concept to launch. Companies can streamline approvals, make sure everyone’s using the latest asset versions, and get digital assets in market as quickly as possible.

1. Use Box as a central digital hub

  • Roberto, a creative director, houses all his work files in one place for easy search, retrieval and archiving.
  • Each asset is tagged with custom metadata for better content management and organisation.

2. Collaborate and share files securely

  • He can quickly share files with internal and external team members.
  • Controlling access is easy with robust sharing permissions.

3. Manage the creative workflow

  • With automatic version control, Roberto can ensure all revisions are made to one file, making collaboration seamless.
  • He assigns tasks which generate automated notifications for stakeholders to review and approve new assets, shortening review cycles.

4. Publish finalised assets and analyse performance

  • Roberto publishes his finalized assets on the company sales portal, so teams always have access to the latest version.
  • His team views access statistics for each file to see which assets are most valuable to sales.
  • He gets reports on the most utilised assets to assess performance.

5. Protect and manage your marketing IP

  • Roberto can protect his content by watermarking confidential assets or setting granular permissions, so only the appropriate people can view, download or edit content.
  • Additionally, his IT team can apply policies that prevent users from sharing certain confidentially-marked data outside the organisation or even outside specific folders.
  • With unlimited storage space in Box, Roberto can keep all his files for as long as he needs to, while making sure only the latest assets are available to access.

Box is a smarter way to manage the creative process from concept to launch.

Streamline internal and external collaboration processes with easy sharing, simple digital asset management and smooth feedback loops from beginning to end.