How Box solves for retention and compliance

Meeting legal and business mandates on top of the growing regulatory burden— FINRA, HIPAA, PCI and more—can make collaboration move at a glacial pace. This slows down productivity and results in unwanted side effects of siloed data, high storage costs, and potential fines for under-compliance.


With Box Governance, there’s no need to sacrifice the end-user experience for back-office requirements. For example, financial advisors can work easily with customers while ensuring compliance of their content. The result? Increased control, reduced risk and a shared workspace for teams to simply work together.

1. Create a custom retention policy

  • Angela, a Compliance Officer at an investment advisory firm, needs to make sure that all inactive client documents are retained for 6 years to be FINRA 17a-4 compliant
  • She sets the retention period at 6 years, ensuring that no past broker information is deleted during that time.
  • Once the policy is set, there’s no need to worry if it’s still on record.

2. Choose what happens when the retention periods ends

  • Angela sets the documents to delete automatically after the 6 year retention period expires
  • She also adds a compliance service account so she can receive notifications of any upcoming retention period expirations

3. Let users work how they want.

  • The inactive client needs access to a retained document
  • The client rep is able to access and even share content as always, while ensuring the documents remain FINRA compliant.

4. Easily audit the firm's document retention practices.

  • The advisory firm can run a report on the Usage Logs to review the policy activity, with a specific focus on retention policies
  • Auditors can see all policies created, who created them, and when/where they were applied

Let employees work without friction -- while maintaining security controls. With Box Governance, Box’s automated policies ensure documents’ safety without compromising users’ ability to access and share documents.