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Easily Share Your Largest Files

Forget email attachment limits and the chaos of email threads. With Box, you can send huge files with a simple link. You can even share entire folders.

  • Send a Link Within Box you can create a secure link to any file that can be shared with anyone via email. You can even make edits and upload a new version of the file - all without changing the original link.
  • Share a Whole Folder You can invite others to join your folders so they can not only see all your content, but also edit, comment and upload their own.
  • Large Files Use Box and you can upload files of up to 250MB in size and then easily share them with family, friends and teams. Or, upgrade your account to share files as large as 5GB.
Send Links, Upload Larger Files Online


Preview Files in Box

You can view all your files within Box online and in our mobile apps. There's no need to download files to review them.

  • All Kinds of File Types You can view over 100 types of files within Box, including Word, Excel, PDF, AI, EPS, PSD, photos and more. All without having to download a single file.
  • No Software Needed When you share a link with someone, they can click on the link and immediately view it in their browser - without needing to sign in, download or open other software.
  • Viewing Capabilities Print, zoom out, zoom in, expand your file to fullscreen mode, or move between pages in a document.
Send Your Personal Files within Box

Embed Files on Your Site

Need to share a file with a larger audience? With Box, you can embed a file directly into your website, blog, wiki and more.

  • Anywhere on the Web Embed your files in blogs, intranets, wikis, websites and more. Others visiting your site can instantly view the file or folder you've shared.
  • Embed any Kind of File: PDF, PowerPoint, Word, JPEG, MP3 and many more.
  • Control Document Access You can also restrict a viewers' ability to print, share or download your files – the choice is yours.
Share Files and Documents Online