Fax your documents with just a few clicks using RingCentral FaxOut.

This app allows RingCentral customers to quickly and easily fax your documents from within your Box account.

How to use the RingCentral FaxOut app in your Box account after you’ve installed the app:

- Right click on your document and select ‘More Actions’
- From the drop down, select “RingCentral FaxOut”
- Enter your RingCentral account information into the RingCentral FaxOut app
- Enter up to 50 fax recipients
- You can select a cover page and add a custom message
- Then hit Okay and your fax is on its way!

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  • RingCentral FaxOut: Fax your document with RingCentral FaxOut (pdf, psd, doc, docx, docm, dot, mcw, xls, xlsx, xlsb, xlsm, ppt, pptx, pptm, vsd, vdx, pub, wps, wri, awd, tif, tiff, gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, pcx, tga, rtf, txt, log, h, cpp, c, err, hpp, wk1, wk3, wk4, wq1, xml, html, htm, mht, mhtml, csv, dxf, eps)