How do I contact the BoxWorks 2018 Registration team?
When and where is BoxWorks 2018?
How can I register and how much does it cost?
If I buy my team tickets, how do I ensure everyone registers?
What is included in an Early Bird pass and Full Attendee Pass?
What is an Expo Pass?
When will the Expo Pass be available?
What is the Box Women's Network Summit?
What is the Box Certified Professional Program?
What is the Box Developer Training Program?
Where can I see the complete BoxWorks agenda?
I started my registration but did not finish. How can I complete it?
I received a promo code, but I'm already registered. Can I apply this code to my registration?
How do I get a copy of my receipt/invoice?
What methods of payment are accepted for conference registration?
When does registration for BoxWorks close?
I'm having trouble logging in with my BoxWorks account.
I'm already registered for an Expo pass. How do I upgrade to a Full BoxWorks Attendee pass?
My company will be exhibiting at BoxWorks 2018. How do I register to work at our booth?
If I can no longer attend, can someone attend in my place?
How do I cancel my registration?
I have special dietary needs. Will meals be provided to accommodate my needs at the event?
Whom should I contact if I require special assistance (mobility, audio or visual)?
When will I be able to select/reserve sessions and build my personal onsite agenda?
When will I be able to download the BoxWorks 2018 mobile app?