Cloud Backup

Use Box as your secure, online backup for your personal or business files

Why use Box as your online backup service?

Securely backup your files online in Box for quick and easy access to copies of your files if a device malfunctions, or if you accidentally delete an important document. Retrieve the latest file copies you’ve synced from your device anytime, anywhere.

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Back Up Your Business With Box

Workstation Backup. Save vital work files in the cloud to improve management of critical data through improved security and flexibility, and allow your entire organization to work effectively and without interruption.


Content Management. In a changing business landscape, your content is as critical as ever to your success. Many companies still use yesterday’s expensive and complex systems instead of utilizing the much more versatile cloud content management which includes the added benefit of online backups.


Better Collaboration. Successful companies must rethink processes and infrastructure to succeed. Backing up your data to the cloud helps maximize productivity and collaboration. Employees can access important files even when they can’t access local file systems.


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Secure Backup Storage

Failsafe Backups. Box is serious about security, using multiple data centers with reliable power sources and backup systems to offer 99.9% SLAs and redundancy.


Security Control. Box allows you to centralize control over your sensitive information. You can manage access and sharing policies inside while minimizing the risk of data loss with a simple cloud backup.


Simplified Compliance. Box’s cloud backup make governance and compliance seamless with reliable document retention. Easily manage document lifecycles, comply with regulatory mandates, and support defensible e-discovery and data retention policies.


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Integrations and Partnerships

Box and Microsoft. Working together, Box amplifies the Microsoft productivity suite to unlock the full potential of your content while maintaining enterprise-grade security and compliance.


Box and Google. Box integrates with Google Apps to offer rich content management, file backup and security, enhanced support for 100+ document types, and effective project management.


Box and Apple. Box for iPhone and iPad provides an amazing viewing and collaboration experience, so you can get work done securely—right at your fingertips.


Box and IBM. Transforming work in the cloud, IBM and Box teamed up to unify enterprise-level content security and backup, and to deliver next generation content-rich apps and solutions.

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