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Real-time online note-taking for teams

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Get everyone on the same page

Whether it's brainstorming with coworkers, the meeting notes you share with partners, or the project plans you're working on with customers, real-time collaboration is an essential part of how we work. And Box Notes, an online note taking app, makes it easier for teams to work together. Take meeting notes, organize business reviews, or even write a newsletter, from any device — with the security and compliance you trust from Box.

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Create and share anywhere

Box Notes makes it easy to create meeting notes, share ideas, track status updates and plan projects together — there's no limit to your productivity. And, since every Box Note is instantly available on web, mobile or your desktop, you can access your ideas from anywhere.

Make working together simple

Live, concurrent editing lets everyone see the same Box Note and make revisions and suggestions in real-time. Plus, you can easily create new notes, access recently edited notes and bookmark favorite notes — all in one place.

Never worry about security

Box Notes is backed by the same security as any file stored in Box. Every note you create or share is secured by enterprise-grade security and meets global compliance standards, including HIPAA and FedRAMP.

Access any note on the desktop

With the Box Notes desktop app, you can access all your notes directly from your desktop with the same great live, concurrent editing experience as the web. This lets everyone see the same note and make edits in real-time, together.

Build on ideas that aren't possible with traditional tools

Capture meeting notes

Box Notes are a great way to keep your team on the same page before, during and after meetings. Before your next meeting, open a new note and create your agenda. Paste a shared link to the note into your meeting invite, and your whole team will be able to add ideas during the meeting. With easy access to recently edited notes, your team can quickly come back to the note to review next steps.

Optimize brainstorms

Brainstorms help teams share new ideas and solve challenges, but brainstorming meetings often lead to groupthink instead of unique ideas. Instead, create a new Box Note, invite collaborators and let the good ideas flow. You can also add the Box Note to your Favorite Notes list to easily document ideas as they come to you. Plus, vote on your favorite ideas with in-line comments and tag your teammates to follow-up.

Plan projects together

Nothing slows a project down like endless status meetings and trying to keep everyone on the same page. With Box Notes, you can organize project notes, conversations and deadlines in one easy-to-manage place. And since all the other content you work with lives in Box, you can link to different files and folders so you get the hassle-free overview you need while your team stays aligned and focused.

Stay organized with to-do lists

With constant meetings, emails and chat messages throughout your workday, you're bound to wind up with new action items to complete every day. Capture, organize and track them all in Box Notes, along with your personal to-do lists, to get stuff done and stay sane in the process.

Key Features


Supports up to 20 simultaneous editors working together


Easily share any note with anyone


Can be made anywhere in a Box Note to help your team collaborate


Add comments for specific people so they automatically get notified


Can be embedded and enlarged to support richer content experiences


Reference all changes and revert back to past versions at any time

Box Notes overview

Take meeting notes, share status updates and plan projects together — and have it instantly available on every device with the security and compliance you trust from Box.

Download Box Notes

Download Box Notes for your desktop on Mac or Windows.

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