Work from the cloud

Easily secure, manage and share all your files

Individual & Team

Box is where teams work as one

Easily work with anyone when all of your files — notes, documents, presentations, videos and more — are securely editable in the cloud. Invite anyone to collaborate, join in the conversation or just have access to the right files at the right time. Change permissions at any time, keeping your information secure. And with everything in one place, you'll never lose another file or ever have to deal with the risks and challenges of email attachments. Millions of people — and 69% of the Fortune 500 — use Box to drive their businesses in the digital age.

Work on any device

Create or edit any file, saved to the cloud in a shared and synced folder. Notify team members — even those outside of your company, like your agencies, strategic partners or vendors — with automatic updates of any changes, and make distributed edits in real time. Or set actions on the folders and let automated processes handle the routine tasks for you. 

Recognized as an industry leader

Collaborate with anyone anywhere

Collaborate with anyone in the world - whether they work inside or outside your organization - with shared workspaces. With all your work in Box, you can easily share your files, comment and assign tasks right within files and even leverage automated workflows to . And Box Feed surfaces the work that matters most, so you you never skip a beat.

Work in any application

Whether you're signing contracts in Salesforce or building presentations in Microsoft Powerpoint, you shouldn't have to jump between apps to get the job done. With thousands of apps seamlessly integrated with Box, you can access and work on your files from the apps you already know and use everyday.

More ways Box works for you

Box Notes
Note-taking for teams

Take meeting notes, share status updates and plan projects together from any device.

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Box Relay
Make workflow simple

Developed by IBM and Box, Box Relay makes it simple to build, track and manage their workflows.

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Box Drive
Desktop, meet cloud

Stream all of your files — even terabytes of data — to your desktop from the cloud. 

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Box Capture
Capture from your phone

Easily take document scans, photos, videos and audio and automatically save them to Box.

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Funzioni principali

Condivisione di file semplice e sicura

Condividi con chiunque e in modo sicuro file e documenti di grandi dimensioni con un semplice collegamento o un URL personalizzato. 

Anteprima dei file senza download

Puoi visualizzare oltre 120 tipi di file diversi, inclusi quelli in formato Word, Excel, PDF, foto, 3D, HD, 360° avanzati, DICOM® e molti altri ancora, senza scaricarli.

Sicurezza al tuo comando

Proteggi i tuoi contenuti tramite password e controlla gli accessi impostando le autorizzazioni. Inoltre, se invii un file alla persona sbagliata, puoi recuperarlo con facilità.

Controllo delle versioni automatico

Hai sempre a disposizione la versione del file più aggiornata, facilitando così la collaborazione.  Box inoltre salva le versioni precedenti, nel caso in cui sia necessario tornare indietro. 

Cicli di controllo più brevi

Con i commenti e le attività, puoi semplificare le revisioni e le approvazioni impostando date di scadenza importanti, assegnando attività ai membri del team e monitorando i progressi da un solo luogo.

Funziona su qualunque dispositivo

Box funziona perfettamente su qualunque browser Web, oltre che nativamente su smartphone e tablet iOS® e Android™.

Noi siamo pronti, e tu?