Using a mobile app to put customers in good hands


In the era of digital disruption, big insurers don't just compete against each other anymore. Insurtech startups and the heightened mobile expectations of today's consumers mean traditional insurers must become innovators.



Built partially on Box, Allstate Mobile gives customers the ability to manage all of their insurance options right from their phones and in return gives Allstate the data it needs to serve customers in a more personalized way. 



Allstate is enhancing the customer experience and streamlining the claims process by giving customers the ability to autonomously submit automobile accident claims at the scene of an accident, review policies, access quick proof of insurance and even get roadside assistance, all from a single app.

Like companies in virtually every other industry, big insurers are finding their traditional advantages — reputation, trust, brand awareness — are no longer enough in the era of digital disruption. Tech startups have grabbed market share with innovative apps and customer experiences that appeal to a new generation of buyers. Insurance companies have always been information-driven organizations, but the disruption caused by insurtech startups, the ubiquity of mobile devices and the abundance of data available today is pushing forward-thinking companies toward even greater innovation. 

One such company pushing the boundaries of the traditional insurance world is Allstate. As Mobile Product Director for Allstate, Mike Antognoli helps build exciting solutions like Allstate Mobile, an app that gives customers the ability to manage their insurance from their smartphones while keeping all of their sensitive data secure and private. 

Allstate Mobile lets customers submit automobile accident claims right at the scene, review their policies, access quick proof of insurance and even get roadside assistance (Good Hands Rescue) from the same app. And in some states, Allstate customers are eligible for policy discounts based on their individual driving habits with Drivewise, an opt-in feature of Allstate Mobile that monitors customers' driving and gives them feedback, incentivizing good driving with discounts.

Consumers today expect options that would have been unheard of only a few years ago, and they want to be able to manage these options autonomously, without having to pick up a phone and wait on hold or spend hours dealing with claims. Allstate is designing a paradigm shift in the insurance customer experience, building innovative consumer-facing products on a backbone of modern technology choices. 


“If I wait for the future to play out, I’m going to miss out. I have to be shooting toward where it’s going to be.”

Mike Antognoli, Mobile Product Director for Allstate


A content platform that enables quick consumer-facing innovation

Finding the technology to support such innovative insurance products is Antognoli's job, so when the company was looking to retire a legacy application and integrate its functionality into Allstate Mobile, he sought a content platform flexible enough to grow with the company's needs. “I wanted to make sure I didn’t get stuck with a tool that I would have to change again in a few years," Antognoli says. "I wanted to be future-forward.”



Still, as visionary as Allstate is in creating transformative digital products for customers, on a practical level, Antognoli has to be concerned with finding technology solutions that integrate with the way the company works today. During his search for a content platform, Antognoli says, "We needed a software provider that could be put into a customer-facing application, but also be able to work in our back office." That meant finding a provider that would work well with the other applications employees at Allstate use every day — and also be cost-effective, compliant and secure. “It had to be a yes-yes, because it was customer-facing," he says. In Box, Antognoli and his team found a partner who could deliver on these core needs and beyond.


“It’s important that we’re using more modern, more future-forward technology. Box has a unique place in the Allstate ecosystem.”

Mike Antognoli, Mobile Product Director for Allstate

The real value of data exchange for consumers

One of the biggest challenges consumer apps face is how to get customers to download and use them. Consumers can be hesitant to use apps that ask them to share their data. As a company that covers vehicles and homes, Allstate seeks to capture data about driving habits, home inventory, vehicle usage and other data points that can be used to create better products for customers. But “they’re not just going to give us data because we ask for it," Antognoli admits.

Instead, Allstate needs to show customers how they are getting value in exchange for their data. That means making mobile experiences that are simple, useful, fun and interactive. Box helps Allstate power core customer-facing features in the app, like photo and video capture. Customers can easily use the app to upload photo proof from an accident or photos of their property as a record for their insurance policies.

Data exchange


“If you think about insurance companies," says Antognoli, "we’re the original big data companies, with sophisticated pricing models based on actuarial data. Now, there's a new explosion in data happening for us." All that data — and the ability to use it to create better insurance products for consumers — puts the power squarely in the hands of customers, and requires exceptional customer-facing digital experiences.



“The sooner we turn on these spigots of data, the sooner we can offer our customers better pricing, better coverage and more customization in how they tailor their policies.”

Mike Antognoli, Mobile Product Director for Allstate


Solutions that foster innovation

Beyond the Allstate Mobile app, Antognoli is excited about the way Box offers integrations to support a best-of-breed digital workplace and digital business at Allstate. “I look at the partnerships Box has created with AWS, Microsoft, Slack," he says. "That’s all the stuff we use.” Knowing that Box already integrates with other technologies Allstate relies on gives Antognoli confidence in the stability and durability of his tech stack moving forward. 

He also plans to lean into Box Skills to get more insight into customer products and get heightened value from all the unstructured data Allstate aggregates every day. Because of the way Box offers the promise of ever-growing benefits, “Box has a unique place in the Allstate ecosystem,” says Antognoli. 

In the midst of Allstate's cloud transformation, the singular focus of all of Allstate's technology decisions will always be the customer experience. "The customer doesn’t care what your issues are on the back end," Antognoli concludes. "They just want a great experience. If we can get the customer-facing part right, I’m confident that we can handle the back end.” 

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