Securely manage your financial files

Smarter audits, easier compliance and faster contracts with Box

Audit files

A safer, savvier way to audit

Keep it central. Build audit plans, collect documents and manage audit progress in a single, secure workspace.

Follow regulations without worry. Set Box to automatically retain and archive files for the required period of time, without extra work.

Don't leak data. Protect your sensitive financial information while remaining productive with restricted downloads, passwords and link expiry.



Share sensitive content securely

Automate compliance. Box simplifies compliance with legal, regulatory and business mandates — such as FINRA 17a-4, PCI and SOX — without complex management.

Leave an audit trail. Box gives you full visibility into all user activity, file usage and sharing — internal or external — with complete reporting.

Reduce risk. Share sensitive information with auditors, investors, analysts or other teams without compromising the security of your documents.


Secure contracts

A better way to work with contracts

Negotiations that won't stall. Iterate on proposals, get client, vendor and contractor approvals, archive records and tag with metadata for easy discovery.

Protect your content. Keep sensitive materials safe, and track iterations and negotiations easily on Box.

Tools you know & trust. Box integrates with tools you already use, such as NetSuite, Intuit, Office 365 and DocuSign, to simplify your workflow.

Box Customer KKR & Co. L.P.
"Leveraging cloud and mobile technologies to give our employees access to content at any time is key to building a sustainable, competitive advantage and driving productivity. Box provides a secure collaboration platform that improves operational efficiency and meets critical IT requirements for security."


Ed Brandma, CIO, KKR & Co. L.P.

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