Box and Okta

Seamless and secure access to critical content

Secure access for agile businesses

Today, success belongs to organizations who are digital-first, leveraging innovative technology solutions to enable speed and agility without compromising security. Box and Okta together ensure fast and secure access to content, from any device, and seamless collaboration across the extended enterprise.

Quickly scale your business

Box and Okta help your teams keep up with the demands of a growing business by enabling you to quickly deploy Box organization-wide, with automatic provisioning and de-provisioning of user accounts.


Secure your content across apps

With Box, centralize content across apps, applying consistent security, governance and compliance measures. Also ensure secure access to Box and other apps, with multi-factor authentication.


If you're an Okta customer, test drive Box free with Okta Cloud Connect:

Key features

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Seamless single sign-on

Eliminate the password management hassle by authenticating users with their existing credentials, allowing instant access to any necessary apps.

Automated user management

Automatically provision and de-provision user accounts in Box based on Active Directory Security Group membership.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Ensure secure access to content inside Box with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).




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Change User Identity and Access Management with Box + Okta