Unleash the power of AI on your content

Get more value from your unstructured data


According to IDC, 90% of an organization’s data is unstructured.* This data holds a wealth of intelligence and intellectual capital that could be used for better business decisions. Now with Box AI, you can tap into the wealth of knowledge you already work with in the Content Cloud and create tremendous value across your organization. And it’s all done with the same enterprise-grade security, strict compliance, and privacy you know and trust with Box. 

Box AI will help you: 

  • Turn enterprise content into meaningful insights by asking questions about a document 
  • Create content in seconds by submitting prompts 
  • Automate business processes to drive faster business outcomes
  • Maintain security with built-in granular access permissions, wide-ranging industry compliance, and enterprise-grade security


It’s time to extract value from your unstructured data. Explore how to fast-track your content journey with Box AI, because the future is now.

*Source: IDC White Paper, sponsored by Box, “Untapped Value: What Every Executive Needs to Know About Unstructured Data,” Doc #US51128223, August 2023.