Sales productivity

Accelerate the sales cycle to close more deals

Enable mobile sales teams to close deals faster

Arming field sales teams with the latest marketing content at the right time is critical for the success and competitiveness of a business. With Box, Marketing and Sales teams work step-in-step, ensuring customers are always given the right story at the right moment. Box provides mobile access to a centralized repository of sales assets, enabling sales to deliver pitches on the fly with the latest file version. Integrations with eSignature tools like Adobe Sign and DocuSign accelerate deal closure, allowing customers to sign contracts and save directly to Box. 

Increase sales effectiveness

Keep the sales cycle moving with a single place to store, manage and access all your files – marketing assets, price sheets and contracts – that you can easily share with customers and prospects. 

Deliver sales pitches on the fly

Easily present pitch decks and sell sheets straight from Box — no downloading required — and quickly pull them up on iPads and mobile devices.

Speed up the deal process

Streamline contract management by collaborating, reviewing and approving all in one place. Plus, instantly send, review and e-sign contracts using built-in integrations with Adobe Sign or DocuSign.

Know your customer

Monitor access stats for shared documents and get notified when documents have been viewed, enabling you to customize your sales tactics based on engagement

"Several years ago we had our sales reps who are out interacting with doctors and customers in general on iPads, so the ability to have access to content, it had to happen in a whole new way and that's what brought Box into our enterprise"

—  Mike Meadows, CTO, Eli Lilly

Key capabilities

Access on-demand

Access all of your sales assets in Box — from desktop or mobile — so you can edit them on the go

Share and collaborate cross-functionally and externally

Marketing and sales teams, as well as customers, can collaborate in a central, secure workspace

Edit in real time

Use version control and collaboration features such as in-file comments and tagging to update sales assets

Control content security and permissions

Watermark and restrict downloads so only the right people have access to files

Leverage metadata

Intelligently apply metadata to files with Box Skills so sales can quickly perform advanced searches

Track analytics

Track, generate and export reports on content activity from the Box admin console.

Work across various file types

Preview over 120 file types from any device, anywhere and collaborate in InDesign, Word, GSuite and more


Choose from 1400+ integrations - seamlessly and securely create/edit files in Office 365 or Google Apps, e-sign contracts with  AdobeSign or DocuSign, and more

Create a custom sales portal

Build apps using Box APIs and SDKs to give your sales team centralized access to assets

Extract insights

Use Box Skills to enhance sales enablement training materials with AI to highlight key topics in a video and allow field sales reps to jump to parts of the training video that matter most to them.

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