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Your data where you want it

Box Zones provides in-region data storage with Box, raising the bar for privacy and control in the cloud. Organizations can now keep their data close by — whether they're in Europe, Asia, Canada or Australia. With Box Zones, we're removing the barriers to cloud adoption so every business around the globe can work as one. 

Box Zones builds on the strong data protection and privacy provided by Box, allowing companies to store their encrypted-at-rest content around the world. Now, organizations in Europe, Asia, Canada or Australia can use local data storage to address regional and some country-specific data privacy concerns, customer data residency concerns and requirements to store files in-region. 

While Box continues to operate data centers in the U.S. Box Zones allows us to bring powerful collaboration and productivity to even more organizations around the world. With Box Zones, we deliver flexibility and choice for in-region storage at unparalleled reach and scale - all with the ease of use you expect from Box.

CanadaCanada - Montreal, Toronto
IrelandIreland - Dublin
GermanyGermany - Frankfurt, Magdeburg
Osaka, JapanJapan - Tokyo, Osaka
Redwood City, USAUnited States - Silicon Valley, US Federal Zone
UKUnited Kingdom - London
Australia - Melbourne, SydneyAustralia, Melbourne

How it works

Box Zones provides data localization by separating all the powerful collaboration, productivity, and ease of use features of Box from the storage layer.  In fact, where content is stored, while determined by the admin, is invisible to the end user.  This allows end users to go on with their day without ever having to think about where their data needs to be stored.  Box Zones is made possible by leveraging the global network of data centers of our partners.  

Supporting the 2018 Global Data Protection Regulation

Box Zones is only one step we've taken to help companies adapt to a rapidly evolving global data privacy landscape. Our philosophy is to evaluate and meet the highest bars for data privacy globally, and help put organizations in a very good position toward meeting different data privacy obligations across jurisdictions.  

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Key Features

Works with Box KeySafe for additional data privacy control

Global organizations who have strong data protection requirements worldwide can leverage Box KeySafe for independent key control with Box Zones.  Together, Box Zones and Box KeySafe offer customers a complete compliance and data privacy bundle, wherever they are located

No hassles setup

Box takes care of all the details — there's no need to contract with the storage provider to keep your data close by.  Simply purchase Box, and determine the storage location of choice

Migration services

Zones Migration Services enables existing customers who currently leverage U.S. data centers to move their previously uploaded content to the Zone of their choice

Accelerated uploads and downloads (coming soon)

International customers will benefit from faster in-regional file access in addition to control over data residency

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Supporting storage in multiple regions for enhanced data protection and privacy

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 Box Zones - In-Region Storage Raises the Bar for Data Protection and Privacy

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