Greenway Health

Box helps health information technology leader transform secure billing process

A solution for the digital age


Greenway Health is a market leader in health information technology solutions for medical practices. For over 30 years, Greenway Health has led the industry with a suite of products, including a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) system for patient billing called PrimeRCM, an Electronic Health Record (EHR) for clinical charting and a practice management system.


Greenway Health looked to the cloud to streamline their everyday work, while also securing sensitive patient information to comply with regulations.


Doctor using Box with patient



Improved collaboration and customer experience

Greenway Health became a Box customer in 2010, initially deploying 100 Box licenses to support internal teams and watched adoption go viral to over 2,000 users.


Box solved a major challenge for Greenway Health—simplifying document discovery. Greenway Health’s RCM customers had a difficult time locating patient documentation for billing, causing billing delays and lost revenue.


With Box, Greenway is able to link patient documents to patient accounts, making it simpler to find files and improve turnaround time of requests and issues.


Leveraging custom solutions

Greenway Health also streamlined customer onboarding and user experience with Box. Today, when a new practice signs up for PrimeRCM, an account manager instantly creates a Box folder and invites the practice and their staff as collaborators.


Leveraging the Box APIs, Greenway updated PrimeRCM to help physicians streamline workflows and automate document sharing and payment collection. Now, members of the practice can securely upload patient or billing documents into PrimeRCM, eliminating the previous need to fax or scan documents to Greenway.


Plus, whenever a new document is uploaded to Box, Greenway Health is notified, allowing for immediate review and processing of documents.


“We were able to painlessly integrate Box into our RCM infrastructure in a short period of time,” says Todd Tingen, Principal Software Engineer at Greenway. “Now we have a more robust product built on a secure platform that our customers demand.”


Payments in hours, not days

By streamlining the billing workflow and eliminating several procedural steps for its customers, Greenway Health reduced the number of days it takes medical practices to receive payment.


Using Box also ensured that patient flies are easy to find and secure, without needing a separate compliance solution. That’s a huge benefit for Greenway customers, and Greenway Health itself.

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