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Information governance that actually works

Upgrade your information governance strategy for the digital age with Cloud Content Management from Box. Box's Governance offering provides the in-place lifecycle management your organization needs to reduce risk without impacting productivity — streamline how you manage the lifecycle of the content that powers business processes with flexible retention schedules, preservation for defensible discovery and content classification.

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Manage document retention and disposition policies

Whether you're a large enterprise in a regulated industry or a new business moving into your first office, developing a simple and comprehensive, in-place retention management strategy is critical. Setting the right retention schedules for financial documents, employee files or customer engagements is key for maintaining compliances with regulations that impact every business, like SOX or EEOC. Plus, it ensures that critical data your customers, employees and partners need to get work done never gets lost.

Conduct defensible discovery

Legal actions — including trademark issues, patent infringement, employee lawsuits and consumer complaints are risks all companies face. Without the right systems in place to effectively discover and preserve relevant content, the costs and time spent on litigation can quickly spiral out of control. Legal holds ensure that content relevant to litigation can be searched, audited and held indefinitely in Box, as well as integrated into your eDiscovery system or process.

Automate content classifications

Even though we all handle a ton of files every day, very few of us know how sensitive they are, where they are in the content lifecycle, or the policies that apply to them. Classifying files reduces risk and enhances productivity because the right file always adheres to the right policy and users don't have to constantly think about what the rules are for working on the files going through their every day business processes.

Stay on top of the trash

Every business needs an effective way to prune content that has outlived its lifecycle, making sure user folders aren't full of clutter. However, ensuring only the right people can permanently delete content is critical to ensuring that only the right content is erased. Box Governance gives you the flexibility to remove unnecessary data — without compromising your ability to meet your retention needs.

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"One of the biggest reasons for us to go after Box was because of Box being, as far as I'm concerned, the most secure content management software out there. Our initial conversations with Box around governance really helped us put together our policies"

Sasan Vossoughi, CIO, ChargePoint

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