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Billing Questions

How do I get a copy of my invoice?
I was over-charged on a previous invoice. How can I resolve it?
How do I cancel my account?
What forms of payment do you accept for Box accounts?
How do I reduce seats?
How do I change the "Bill To" contact on my account?
Can I change my current subscription? 

Support Questions

Why didn't I receive my password reset email or an activation email for my new account?
I need to reactivate my account.
I had an account a while back and now I can't be added to a new account as a collaborator. What do I do?
I can't access a file that I know I've been added to. How do I access it?
How do I change the admin on my account?
I entered the wrong email address and I already paid for my account, what do I do?
I have two-factor authentication, but I changed my phone number and now I'm locked out of my account. What do I do?

Additional Questions

Where can I find investing information?
I'd like to be a Channel Partner/Reseller Partner. How can I apply?

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