HR onboarding

Streamline the employee onboarding process

Get people up and running faster with an accelerated employee onboarding process

As every employee is onboarded, their progress is marked by the processing of sensitive documents — from W-2s to passport copies — that have to be manually sifted through and organized. These records are typically dispersed across multiple systems and sometimes stored as paper documents in physical rooms, increasing room for error. For the new hire themselves, the onboarding experience is often frustrating as they are forced to navigate a maze of documents sent out as attachments or links in emails. 


With Box, you can create simple, repeatable processes to streamline your onboarding process. That means HR teams can shorten the onboarding cycle, reduce errors, increase security and deliver a great new hire experience from beginning to end.

Automate employee onboarding

Give new hires immediate access to onboarding materials and provide HR teams an automated process to manage the documentation and logistics

Centralize confidential records and onboarding files

From HR paperwork to orientation materials, simplify the new new hire process with a single place to share, edit and manage content

Ensure new hire compliance

Proactively monitor the completion of all mandated tasks and leverage built-in retention and audit capabilities

Standardize the employee lifecycle

Leverage HR metadata templates to quickly find relevant types of content and analyze employee data for easier reporting

"We're always looking to make the technology of onboarding people easy [...] A lot of the Box interaction is invisible to them. But behind the scenes, there's plumbing that puts it together."

- Ravindra Sunku, Director of IT, StitchFix

Key capabilities

Build custom workflows

Build custom workflows with Box Relay to automate employee onboarding, greatly accelerating the end-to-end process, while reducing internal burden

Integrate eSignature tools

Leverage tools like DocuSign and to send out offer letters for electronic signature and then save back to Box

Ensure compliance

Deploy retention and disposition features to comply with regulations like FLSA, EEOC, and other employee file retention standards

Control content access

Implement global security controls, granular file permissions and built-in retention and audit capabilities

Create a custom onboarding experience

Build better apps using Box APIs and SDKs

Prioritize security

Ensure that sensitive information like employee PII is safely and securely managed

Share and collaborate across functions

Invite employees to share and collaborate on onboarding files

Preview files

Enjoy less toggling when you can preview over 120+ file types directly in the browser

On-demand access

Access and manage all of your files stored in Box right from your desktop or on mobile

Track analytics

Track, generate, and export reports on onboarding activity in each file using the reports feature in the admin console

Extract insights

Use Box Skills to classify and extract information from onboarding documents such as W-2 forms, contracts, agreements, and identification documents with machine learning

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