How does your digital transformation effort stack up?

State of information: are businesses digitally transforming or stuck in neutral?


Digital transformation isn’t just about knowing where you want to end up — it’s about knowing how you’ll get there and which tools you’ll need to move together as a team towards that destination.


Most businesses today are looking to handle the different aspects of their digital transformation — and while a few have already charged ahead to light the way, many others are just starting out. No matter where you are along the path, there are a few common factors IT leaders are taking into consideration. So what does digital transformation really take?

The five key elements of a holistic digital transformation strategy

Information Management

From creation to disposition and everything in between

Content creation today requires collaboration between multiple participants across the organization — making a secure, single source collaboration environment a prerequisite to innovation.

content duplication


If asked to defend their practices in court, organisations say their two biggest legal challenges would be related to file sharing, and collaboration systems.

content duplication


According to respondents, eliminating content duplication, reducing email attachments and automating processes are the top three areas in their organization where they feel they are performing the worst.


Infrastructure to extend and unify information to all who need access

Digital transformation requires an infrastructure to be flexible enough to meet the needs of both your users and your business — while considering the entirety of the information ecosystem and its users.

mobile cloud ecm


  • [Mobile] More than 60% of respondents feel their companies’ mobile adoption efforts fell ahead of or with the curve
  • [Cloud] 80% of respondents currently have, or are in the process of building or planning their cloud deployment
  • [ECM] 65% currently have, or are in the process of building or planning a new enterprise-wide ECM platform



Top capabilities respondents are looking for in their next ECM system would be "strong search and analytics" for 43% and "robust compliance and records Management" for 33%.


How paper slows down progress

Though going paper-free is often the starting point for a company’s digital transformation, far fewer organisations have taken advantage of newer automation and routing tools that could provide real operational gains.   

automated routing tools


43% of companies admit they are laggards when it comes to using automated routing tools.

paper free


Only 22% have moved to mostly paper-free processes.

Social Cloud and Analytics

Cloud is gaining traction in the enterprise

Whether or not organisations have fully embraced new tools like cloud and mobile, their employees are likely already using them — which means that managing risk may require greater IT flexibility and more user-centric policies.

infogov policies


When it comes to migration to the cloud, 29% feel their organisations are falling behind.

information governance


Analytics are underutilised across the board: Fewer than 15% of respondents considered themselves to be ahead of the curve in using analytics to identifying content types, classifying content, and deriving business insights.

Information Governance

A strong plan for governance leads to better digital transformation outcomes

Forward-thinking organisations are taking a strategic approach to information governance, taking control of disorder before it grows unmanageable and turning to cloud applications to expand their reach.



While 43% of respondents say their companies have agreed on Information Governance policies, only 24% feel that their practices are well-defined enough to manage inbound information.

cloud based


71% of companies agree that updated Information Governance policies are critical to avoid replicating the chaos of existing processes as they move to new cloud-based file sharing systems.

People, process and policy are key to navigating your digital transformation successfully. Now it’s up to IT and execs to make it happen. With the experience of assisting 71k customers to reach their goals, Box is here to help you find your way.

This infographic is based on the 'AIIM State of the Industry: Digital Transformation' survey, published in March 2017. AIIM surveyed 686 IT leaders across small, mid-sized and larger organisations ranging from 1 to 5,000 employees. 43% of participants are based in North America, with 42% from EMEA-R and 15% from the rest of the world.