Box and ServiceNow

Connecting your content and business processes

Content process automation without the complexity

Today's business processes are more complex than ever, increasingly relying on the flow of information and content between disparate systems. To maximize operational efficiency, organizations are turning to modern digital workflows to accelerate work. Box and ServiceNow make it simple to connect your business systems and most critical content - all while supercharging employee productivity and unlocking better business results.

ServiceNow IntegrationHub

Automate common content processes with a few clicks

The Box spoke for ServiceNow IntegrationHub features over 20 Box actions that can be leveraged to build content-driven workflows in ServiceNow. Actions such as Upload File, Add Collaborator, or Add Metadata to File can be triggered from within ServiceNow to accelerate day-to-day business processes and dramatically boost employee efficiency.

Securely manage, share and access ServiceNow content

As teams collaborate, modifications made to content can be tracked in Box, ensuring that the latest version of any file is readily accessible from within ServiceNow. IT can then apply Box's comprehensive security, governance and compliance capabilities to their ServiceNow content managed in Box and maintain visibility over content as it moves across the organization.

Modernize legal operations with ServiceNow’s Legal Services Delivery

Optimize your organization’s legal processes with Box for ServiceNow’s Legal Services Delivery. Together, Box and ServiceNow help you eliminate content silos and manual steps to enable faster decision-making and boost efficiency.

Accelerate your content-based business processes with Box and ServiceNow