Information Governance

What is information governance?


Data is at the core of modern business, and to stay competitive, companies need procedures and technologies that help them get the most from their data. At the same time, today’s cyber threat landscape requires businesses to follow certain security standards and regulations, ensuring sensitive information stays protected at all times. Enterprises that require information governance must rigorously manage data in a manner that meets business, legal, and security needs for their industry standards.

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Box for Governance: strict on compliance, easy on users

Manage high volume with high confidence. As a company's data grows, data governance can get challenging. Box allows you to manage the entire data lifecycle while staying compliant with security policies, data retention rules, and regulatory standards.

Steer clear of fines. Compliance failures for data regulations get expensive quickly, and  organizations may suffer reputational damage if customers don’t trust their data protection. Box provides the tools to consistently maintain compliance.

Get tough on security, not your users. When staying compliant gets too difficult for users, they may start looking for ways around it. The easy-to-use interface of Box makes it easy to stay compliant so employees stay on board with the initiative.

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Automated data retention management

High capacity at a low-maintenance cost. You need to retain your legacy records for a certain period of time, but storage demands and maintenance requirements can be costly. Box is the cloud-based retention management solution that removes this burden.

Set it and forget it. The retention management tools within Box allow organizations to set automatic retention policies that run according to a specified schedule. The platform can automatically delete not-so-fresh files that have passed their expiration date.

Data ages gracefully. On Box, even old data is easily accessed across different devices. Security remains tight with the robust security tools for safe and compliant collaboration between team members.


Effectively manage your content lifecycle

Store your content on Box. Box lets you work with the content creation software and tools you already know, integrating seamlessly with over 120 programs.

Be productive with your content. Access your documents from any device; share files internally or externally; edit, comment, and collaborate with ease, all with Box.

Automatically retain and delete content. Just set up your retention rules and Box will maintain your files according to schedule. You can setup your system to auto-delete files that have expired.

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Classified information stays classified

Protect confidential information. With Box Governance, you can designate sensitive information according to your organization’s security policy. Your trade secrets shouldn’t get the same treatment as party committee meeting minutes.

Whoops-proof your data. Selectively apply classified information rules that your organization maintains according to compliance standards. Box provides data governance suitable for all industries.

Getting your back. You can’t keep an eye on everyone who touches a given file, but you can protect them against a careless moment with rules that prevent sharing or otherwise compromising information.


Go global with compliance standards

Cloud security verified. Box meets FedRAMP, FIPS 140-2, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS Level 1 standards.

PHI and PII. Box maintains certified compliance with HIPAA/HITech and ISO27018 standards.

Finance and security operations. Box makes the grade with FINRA/SEC 17 a-4, SSAE 16 Type II, and SOC 1/2/3.

Get governance in the cloud


With a user-friendly interface, automated security controls, and a host of features that make high-volume data governance possible without the added legwork, Box makes businesses more flexible in their data operations while helping them stay secure and compliant.

Ready for intuitive cloud-based data and information governance?