Acting with integrity

Promoting trust and transparency

A higher standard for corporate governance

Among our core values, our goal to "make mom proud" means we act with integrity, make ethical decisions, and use good judgment. In that spirit, Box is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, compliance, and ethics.

Our board of directors

Our board brings a breadth of backgrounds and expertise — with a particular focus on SaaS and enterprise software and a powerful track record of maximizing stockholder value. We routinely refresh our board to foster diversity, hold management accountable, and drive our long-term profitable growth and value creation. As of January 1, 2022, 70% of our directors had tenures of three years or less.

Board composition


Since May 2018, we have added seven new independent and highly experienced members to our board, including three women and two members of underrepresented communities. In addition to our Audit, Compensation and Nominating, and Corporate Governance standing committees, our board established an Operating Committee in 2020 with the objective of identifying opportunities for further improvement in growth and margin performance.

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Recent corporate governance enhancementsRecent corporate governance enhancements

Ethical conduct, compliance, human rights, and labor

Open and honest conversation

Candid communication is the expectation, not the exception. We want all employees to feel comfortable approaching a manager or any member of the leadership team when our values aren't upheld. We also provide a confidential hotline for anonymous concerns.

Our codes of conduct

Integrity starts with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and our compliance program. This includes risk assessment, policy and procedure development, training, auditing, monitoring, and investigations and remediation of potential compliance issues. Policies apply to everyone, and all employees complete training along with annual compliance certification. We adhere to the U.K. Modern Slavery Act of 2015 and publish an annual statement on our efforts to combat modern slavery and human trafficking, available here.

Customer security and data privacy

Securing sensitive information

With trust and transparency at the center of our multi-pronged approach, we build and maintain cloud-based security and privacy solutions for all of our customers. Our practices include: 

  • Informing consumers about how we collect, use, share, disclose, retain, and protect personal information with privacy and cookie notices on our website and platform — in compliance with data protection principles and certifications;
  • Enabling consumers in any region to make data subject access requests;
  • Providing annual training on data protection, privacy, and security to all employees — along with periodic, targeted training as needed;
  • Maintaining comprehensive security and privacy certifications, with annual assessments by third-party auditors, independent third-party assessors, and/or internal teams to verify compliance. For more information, visit our compliance page

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