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Comply with international data residency requirements

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Global leaders rely on Box Zones for regional data storage

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Your data where you want it

Box Zones supports your data residency efforts across multiple geographies. It raises the bar for privacy and control in the cloud⁠ so you can work with organizations and customers around the world while storing your content in your preferred region. Plus, collaboration happens seamlessly across Zones and is flexible for your changing business needs. By managing your entire organization with a single admin console, you can easily change assigned Zones and automatically migrate relevant content — without impacting end users. It’s all part of the way we help you with cloud adoption.

Designed for security, performance, and scale

Box Zones builds on the strong data protection and privacy provided by Box, allowing companies to store their encrypted-at-rest content around the world. With Box, organizations that have users in Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia can use local data storage to store files in region. This helps address regional and country-specific data privacy concerns, customer data residency concerns, and other requirements to store files in region.

Get in-region storage with unparalleled reach

We provide data localization by separating our powerful collaboration, productivity, and ease-of-use features from our storage layer. And we leverage our partners' global network of data centers to deliver flexibility and choice with the reach you need. Plus, admins can use Box Zones to determine where content is stored, so there's nothing end users need to do — they can simply collaborate with ease across different Zones.

GDPR compliance with the Content Cloud

Use Box Zones with Box KeySafe to meet security and compliance requirements for private key storage, without the operational overhead of managing on-premises hardware. Our philosophy is to evaluate and meet the highest bar for data privacy globally, and help you meet data privacy obligations across jurisdictions. With GDPR and CCPA compliance, the Content Cloud makes it easy to manage your most valuable data.

Key features


Meet your data residency needs by designating single or multiple Zones where enterprise content is stored.

Global visibility

Manage your entire organization from our Admin Console, not matter how many Zones you choose.

Hassle-free setup

Onboard users easily by assigning a default Zone for the organization or by assigning Zones per user.

Automatic migration

Relevant content is automatically migrated with no interruption to access when changing assigned Zones.

Real-time reporting

Report the Zone location assigned to each user from the admin console for auditing purposes.

Simple pricing

Get predictable and simple pricing, regardless of the number of Zones you use.

Check out Enterprise Plus

Enterprise Plus gives you the best of the Content Cloud in one simple plan. We’ve included our most-valued products and services to help you power secure enterprise workflow automation across your organization. And it saves you up to 35%.

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