How Box takes the pain out of business processes

Building custom processes is generally complex, time intensive, and too often results in manual workarounds. Companies need a better way to capture, process and manage their content.


With Box, you can build custom business processes that leverage machine learning capabilities with an open, integrated cloud platform. Whether establishing a contract management approval process or automating field incident reviews, Box image recognition helps you organise, tag, search and use images to streamline processes, control sensitive content, and accelerate collaboration and decision making.

1. Capture evidence of property damage

  • Alex, a facilities employee, noticed significant building damage.
  • He uses the Box Capture application to snap photos and videos and adds a note: “Roof damage."

2. OCR the report to kick off the predefined maintenance process

  • He also snaps a photo of his incident report.
  • Details about the photo, such as timestamp and upload date, are added to the preview. In addition, with image recognition, Box automatically OCRs the report. The typed and handwritten text in the report is indexed, rendered searchable by everyone in the organisation.
  • Once uploaded, these files are immediately placed into the “Safety incident triage” folder in Box.

3. Assess damage and assign status

  • Back at HQ, Alex’s supervisor gets a Box notification that a new file has been uploaded to the “Safety incident triage” folder.
  • She’s automatically assigned a task to assess the severity before repairs are initiated.
  • She tags it as “Urgent” so that she can easily search later to ensure it’s been completed.

4. Approve the request

  • The files are sent instantly to the COO to approve funds for immediate repair. The COO goes into the "Pending" folder and approves the request.
  • Once approved, the files are then moved to the "Approved" folder, providing a transparent and traceable history of all approved field maintenance requests.

5. Retain critical information

  • The company’s policy stipulates that incident reports be retained for 3 years.
  • Without any manual intervention, all files in the "Approved" folder have now inherited the 3-year retention policy.
  • Alex and his team can focus on the repair and resolution — Box takes care of the rest.

With Box, intelligent business workflows have never been easier from beginning to end. Image recognition drives insights automatically, helping you better understand your content — and innovate your business processes.


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