Box Transform

Accelerate transformation in the digital age

A customized program for your digital transformation

At Box, our goal is to change the way organizations work. With Box Transform, a white-glove program offered by Box Consulting, we provide you with the team, tools and experience to quickly bring your organization into the digital age. Our subject matter experts in Cloud Content Management, change management and platform services integrate themselves in your organization to best understand how your business operates. The Box Transform team then uses those insights to develop custom solutions for your critical processes and key transformation initiatives, enabling a better digital workplace and digital business.

Move into the digital age faster

With Box Transform engagements, our team utilizes an agile methodology to increase speed to results and boost efficiency across your organization. That way, you can reimagine your business processes, enable a mobile workforce and create a central content hub to connect all your apps with Box. We also offer staff augmentation for lean or resource-strapped teams.

We get to know your business

You can't succeed in the digital age if you don't work like a modern business. Our Box Transform team works closely with you to get an inside look at how your organization operates, including your company culture and work styles. This helps us uncover use cases and pain points, leading to the best solutions for your unique needs so every team can work together seamlessly.

Experts for what you need, when you need it

Since there's no fixed scope or resources for the Box Transform engagement, you have the flexibility to prioritize what's most important to you. Whether you're focused on enabling collaboration across the extended enterprise or automating tasks with machine learning, you can do it all with Box — and we bring in the right experts to help you achieve your goals.

Develop long-term content strategies

Our product and domain experts help you develop strategic and actionable content strategy roadmaps to centralize content layers, support your ROI goals, and meet your security and governance needs. With Box, you enable a better digital business by eliminating paper and email-based workflows, managing your digital assets and governing business-critical records.

astra zeneca

"Digital transformation is a key business initiative for us, and Box Transform has enabled us to move faster, while delivering a great experience for our customers and our 60,000 employees."

— David Smoley, CIO, AstraZeneca

Speed up your innovation with us

While the Box Transform program is a paid offering, Box Consulting offers a complimentary Cloud Content Management Transformation Workshop to assess your current content strategy and help you unlock more business value from Box.