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With tough competition in every industry, companies have to get products to market fast. Behind the scenes they need an efficient team of engineers to build and ship those products. Cloud Content Management from Box helps your Engineering team deliver by streamlining critical processes like design reviews and release management. Plus, Box creates a central source of truth across best-of-breed apps for information like product specs and scrum notes. That way, your engineers can work faster — and better — than the rest.

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faster development of new designs

4 hours

freed of time spent developing/executing SOWs

Deliver the best experiences with Cloud Content Management

Build exceptional products

Keep design and engineering moving forward by centralizing scrum notes, Gantt charts and more, accessing them from any device.

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Accelerate product growth

Streamline and automate workflows like spec reviews so you can quickly bring products to market.

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Protect IP and prevent data leaks

Prevent unwanted access to product specs, scrum notes and other files by making sure only the right people can access them.

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One content platform to simplify Engineering

Design spec engineering

Help engineers ship products faster with the ability to access and collaborate on product specs with designers in the office or on the go.

 product launches
Product release management

Coordinate seamless product launches, ensuring all information is secured until the release date.

Field engineering productivity

Support engineers who are working in the field from any device, anywhere.

Notes and presentations in one place
Team productivity

Centralize meeting notes and presentations in one place so you can quickly take action on next steps with in-file comments and approvals.

Project documentation

Keep all critical project information in one place, including operational documentation on how to execute team processes.

Seamlessly onboard engineers
Engineering onboarding

Seamlessly onboard engineers faster with the tools and information they need to be successful in the workplace on day one.


"Box fits the '3S-3C' model: simplicity, scalability and security. Cloud-based, clean desks and current."

Andy Nallappan, Vice President and CIO, Broadcom Limited

Key capabilities

Streamline processes with automations

Automate processes like product releases with Box Relay.

Add intelligence to your business

Intelligently apply metadata product specs and more with Box Skills.

Create a custom engineering hub

Centralize all your engineering content in a custom-built portal that keeps everyone up to date.

Leverage seamless integrations

Establish a single source of truth by integrating with apps like Slack, Jira, Asana and Trello. 

Work together in real time

Use in-file comments, @mentions and tasks to keep everyone on the same page.

Collaborate internally and externally

Share engineering files with other departments or external vendors and partners.

Control content access

Keep company IP protected by ensuring only the right people have access.

Power work anywhere, anytime

Support a remote workforce with access to product specs, designs and other critical files on any device.


Leveraging Google Sheets, Docs and Slides in Box
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Broadcom saves $4.9M with Box 
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Flex reduces risk and boosts productivity in the supply chain
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Build custom portals with Box Platform
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Build custom workflows with Box Automations
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Leverage metadata and AI with Box Skills
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Box works with best-of-breed engineering tools


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