FICO enables collaboration and efficiency while keeping data safe

FICO — known widely for the FICO Score — is an analytics software company that works with the world’s top banks to help manage risk, battle fraud, build profitable customer relationships and comply with government regulations. FICO also serves 95% of the financial institutions and all 100 credit card issuers in the U.S.


With nearly 3,000 employees and 25 offices on six continents, FICO has a highly distributed workforce and constant communication with external collaborators. Unfortunately, legacy on-premise content systems like Sharepoint did not meet their needs for security or mobility.


FICO struggled to share information both internally and externally, and employees were using unsanctioned solutions to share files outside the firewall. Legacy infrastructure at FICO also led to limited access to corporate data from the field, limited mobile productivity and time-intensive VPN management.


Box connects employees to data securely

After an exhaustive search for a cloud solution, FICO selected Box as the perfect platform to enable secure collaboration—even in mobile environments—while integrating with existing applications.


"At FICO, we want to maximize our global talent and provide them with the tools to do their jobs better together, Box helped us connect the dots from region to region and from device to device.”

- Tony McGivern, CIO, FICO


With Box as FICO’s collaboration platform, both internal and external sharing at FICO is simple and secure. Employees can share documents of any size with any collaborator, while keeping content password-protected and securely behind the access levels they set.
FICO also invested in a number of cloud-based services like Salesforce and Jive, and with built-in integrations with Box, they could further leverage this investment. Using Box, FICO employees now collaborate and share securely from anywhere, without having to leave their current applications.
In addition, FICO was impressed with the security and compliance capabilities of Box, citing the SSAE 16 audits and the Box administrative tools that enable 100% visibility. Since FICO accesses and stores so much sensitive personal information, security is paramount for any platform that touches FICO content.

“Box had the best answers to the questions our security team came up with. It automates the process, so we can proactively identify and respond to any potential problems.”

- Carl Samberg, Director of IT, FICO 



FICO sees improvements across departments 

Box gave Sales and Marketing faster time-to-market cycles, boosted work mobility, increased data security and  reduced IT maintenance workloads.
Before Box, field reps had limited VPN access to marketing collateral, demos and product information, and often accessed outdated files. Box enabled Sales 24/7 access to the latest version of whatever they needed, wherever they were. On the Marketing side, Box centralized sharing with external vendors, which resulted in smoother collaboration and faster time to market.
Box also boosted secure mobile productivity, an essential requirement for FICO. Box allowed FICO employees to not only easily preview files, but also to share, view, edit and save them back to Box, anywhere from any device.
Lastly, FICO was able to retire their proprietary file system, which was labor-intensive to manage. Box is a self-service solution that requires little training, IT maintenance or support.
“We did a little bit of training up front and that was it,” says Samberg. “Box saves me plenty of time because I’m not getting the requests I used to.”