Box for IT Consulting

Deliver secure and efficient high-touch consulting services

Securely collaborate with clients

With tight deadlines and dispersed teams, consulting firms must securely collaborate on sensitive client data from any device, anywhere. Whether presenting to clients in the boardroom or collaborating with colleagues in a team meeting, firms use Box to deliver professional high-touch consulting services.

Power your consulting services securely in the cloud

Improve Client Experience

Improve quality of output and responsiveness to client needs

Increase Operational Efficiency

Reduce cost of legacy, homegrown solutions and automate key workflows.

Enhance Brand

Differentiate in competitive market by adopting leading technologies. 

Meet Client Obligation

Stay compliant and reduce risk of sensitive information being misplaced, misused, or lost.

Enable Consultants

Promote a paperless office while providing consultants with the most up–to-date & effective documents on-site.

Keep Everyone on Track

Provide execs, managers, and associates visibility into the project progress from any device. 

"You could just tell that Box is moving in the right direction because it's a company with technologies that are purpose-built and purpose-driven. You don't find that in a lot of the legacy technologies or companies who are just adapting."

Paul Falor, CIO of North Highland

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Using Box Everyday Demo

Learn how easy it is to collaborate securely from any device

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How to Meet Client Obligations with Box

Learn how to keep sensitive client data safe, secure, and compliant.

Discover what Box can do for IT Consulting