Unify collaboration with the Box ELA

One solution. Multiple benefits.

Deploy Box across your business to maximize security, productivity and savings.

Improve end-to-end security

With everyone accessing their content on Box, you reduce the risk of data loss, secure your business communications, and simplify data governance.

Replace legacy IT systems

Retire outdated legacy IT systems and eliminate costly ongoing storage and maintenance costs by standardizing your content on a single platform.

Increase productivity

By using Box across your business, employees can collaborate with teammates from wherever they are, improving productivity and efficiency

Boston Scientific

“Box is a secure, user-friendly tool for amplifying your mobile sales strategy. It’s also the platform our entire organization uses to collaborate, innovate and drive productivity.”


Rich Adduci, CIO, Boston Scientific

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The Box ELA maximizes ROI

Purchasing the Box Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) enables your company to get the maximum long-term value from Box.

Guaranteed savings. Lock-in competitive pricing and get the most savings with the Box ELA. Plus, a multi-year pricing agreement improves expense predictability and budget management.

Simplify license management. Remove the complexity of managing multiple contracts and allow teams to easily provision new users without worrying about buying additional licenses each time.

Learn how your business can benefit from the Box ELA