Get customers banking on you with seamless collaboration

The importance of working seamlessly with people inside and outside your financial institution — from customers and accountants to stakeholders and corporations — can't be overstated.


Still, outdated infrastructures (sometimes decades old) hold many firms back, chipping away at their bottom line, staff experiences, and customer engagement. While expectations are high for your business to meet the changing workforce and customer needs, it's crucial you select the right technology as a springboard for future innovation.


Box powers smarter experiences for forward-thinking financial institutions while giving your customers the tools they need.


Read "Three Key Strategies for Customer Engagement Success" to learn why:

  • Better customer experiences are crucial to future success
  • Companies who move to the cloud see profit increases of up to 40%¹
  • An estimated 15% of bank workflows may rely on automation in the near future²


¹ Strategic choices for banks in the digital age (McKinsey & Company)
² How digital collaboration helps banks serve customers better (McKinsey & Company)