eDiscovery and Legal Holds

Centralize content for eDiscovery and legal holds

Streamline how content is identified and preserved for litigation

eDiscovery is one of the most important — and often the most expensive — parts of the litigation process. But manually collecting content for eDiscovery can be time-consuming, and content fragmentation at many companies makes it hard to find, preserve and analyze the content needed for litigation. Using Box, companies can streamline and improve how content is discovered and preserved for litigation matters, all without impacting the experience of end users. 

Streamline the eDiscovery process and reduce costs

Centralize all of your data in Box, eliminating data silos and reducing the impact of legal holds on end users. Save time and money spent on sending employees to different offices to collect content.

Secure and preserve sensitive content automatically

Set robust user permissions, folder controls and security classifications — ensuring that existing content is not deleted or viewed by non-approved users. Reduce the risk of data spoliation and pre-trial fines or evidentiary sanctions. 

Increase chances of favorable legal outcome

Easily access all of your evidentiary documents in one place using search and metadata filters. Preserve access to as much evidence as possible from across your extended enterprise because you have all of your content on Box. 

Extract insights

Use Box Skills to easily identify and preserve information based on key topic areas as labeled by powerful machine learning services

Key capabilities

Control content access

Choose from seven granular permissions levels for content, restrict downloads and prevent anyone from deleting or modifying relevant electronically stored information (ESI). 

Search for content faster

Easily search across all of your enterprise content in Box, eliminating the need to search multiple file servers or hard drives for electronically stored information.

Leverage audit reports

Access comprehensive audit reports so you know who created, edited, downloaded or viewed a piece of content and when.

Preserve document history

Preserve and access past versions of any document for evidentiary purposes.

Share and collaborate with external users

Invite participants in litigation matters to share and collaborate on files in Box.  

Prioritize security

Ensure secure file access with features like watermarking and hiding collaborators.

Preserve content for litigation

Use Box Governance to reduce legal costs and risk by streamlining the identification, preservation, and collection of content in Box across all discovery requests.

Export files with ease

Instead of copying hard drives, you can export a user’s entire file tree or the content of an entire folder on Box. 

Integrate with partners

Seamlessly integrate with our eDiscovery partners, such as Guidance Software, Zapproved, Logikcull, Recommind, and Veritas, to enable the eDiscovery process from start to finish.

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