Agency Collaboration

Design visionary brand assets

Simplify and accelerate marketing collaboration with agencies

The creative process often includes a number of outside agencies. Getting these agencies onboarded and aligned with your company messaging and brand is difficult because there’s no central, up-to-date repository with everything agencies need, from strategy briefs to digital assets. Your vision and agency execution quickly become disconnected when everyone is working on disparate versions. Box helps you collaborate in real time with your agency partners – while securing sensitive content and protecting IP.

Build a better brand

Keep all content consolidated in one location, making it simple to search, tag, share and collaborate on the latest content, both internally and externally.

Collaborate in real-time

Always work from the most up-to-date version, add comments and notifications directly in Box

Speed up workflows

Accelerate the negotiation process for pricing and contracts with external agencies. Find the right asset faster — even outdated assets that are automatically archived and retained on Box

Secure your marketing IP

Watermark confidential files or set granular permissions so only the right people can view, download or edit content.

"At FICO, we want to maximize our global talent and provide them with the tools to do their jobs better together, Box helped us connect the dots from region to region and from device to device.”

- Tony McGivern, CIO, FICO

Key capabilities

Share and collaborate cross-functionally and externally

Marketing teams and external agencies can collaborate in a central, secure workspace. 

Control content security and permissions

Watermark and restrict downloads so only the right people have access to the files before they’re officially released

Leverage metadata

Intelligently apply metadata with Box Skills to files so users can quickly perform advanced searches and find the content they're looking for. 

Edit in real time

Use version control and collaboration features such as in-file comments and tagging to update digital assets.

Build custom workflows

Leverage Box Relay to easily implement custom workflows and get real-time notifications on actions that are assigned or overdue.

Access on-demand

Access all of your digital assets in Box from desktop or mobile so you can edit them on the go.

Track analytics

Track, generate and export reports on content activity from Box's admin console.

Work across various file types

Preview over 120 file types from any device, anywhere, and collaborate in InDesign, Word, GSuite and more

Extract insights

Use Box Skills to transcribe brainstorming sessions with agencies, automatically label assets that are shared back and forth to enable easy search with machine learning

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