Careers at Box

A people-first approach

Our teams power our culture and our business. That's why we believe in thoughtful outreach and the kind of networking that showcases these values. As we seek out top talent, we provide the best experiences and, above all, remain accountable to fair and consistent hiring.

How we hire

Box is committed to ensuring that we run a fair and equitable hiring process, driven by leader mindsets and powered by our core values.

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How we engage candidates

We leverage many types of outreach as we get to know candidates. By building relationships around the world, we ensure fairness and equality.


What we strive for

Living by our best practices, we differentiate ourselves amidst a competitive job market and showcase our vibrant, values-driven community.

Ensuring fairness and equality

We evaluate talent through a consistent, objective, and data-driven lens. Our carefully structured process makes use of competency-based assessments that drive equitable interviews and selection. To minimize bias, we conduct internal hiring trainings and diversify our hiring panels. 

Connecting with candidates

From applications to onboarding, we cultivate relationships and provide end-to-end support. Direct outreach and networking — at events like round tables, fireside chats, and customer engagements — allow us to delve further into individual aspirations and goals. 

Driving business forward

Building a revolutionary business starts with a strong community made up of top talent. With people at the center of all we do, we collectively push the boundaries of our industry — encouraging innovation and seizing opportunity. Achieving this vision means reimagining how we recruit and inviting Boxers to join in the process.

Boxers share their stories

Danielle Shockley

Danielle Shockley

Manager, Recruiting 

"I am continuously impressed by Box’s focus on fostering an inclusive culture where everyone is able to bring their unique self to work everyday. As a parent, I am grateful for the ability to balance being a Boxer and a mom."

Raven Miles

Raven Miles

Director, SMB Sales

"What keeps me at Box is our culture. I love that I work for a company that allows me to bring my authentic self to work and gives me the space to connect and learn from others in our many Employee Resource Communities."

Vinita Desai

Vinita Desai

Sr. Specialist, Org Success

"What excited me the most about Box was our company values, the Boxers I met in the interview process, and the impact of our work. I was nervous about onboarding and working remotely with the pandemic, but Box has one of the best and most streamlined interview and onboarding processes."

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