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Easily centralize your content, share ideas, and collaborate

Build a centralized workspace

Project management is simplified when all your content lives in one place. With Box, you can store, share, and organize all different types of files and keep everyone on the same page. Easy, secure ways to share make online collaboration simple, without the worry that your files will get into the wrong hands. And you can use Box Notes to plan projects, create task lists, track progress, and simply set the stage for success.

Ensure secure file sharing

Box enables online content sharing that’s as secure as it is easy. Sharing a file is as simple as creating a web link on Box, and admins have granular control over who can access files and folders. Box supports regulations from HIPAA to FedRAMP to FINRA, enabling secure, compliant project management for all kinds of organizations and teams.

Power seamless collaboration

Within any project, there are multiple team members with their own favorite applications. The ability to open, co-edit, and save files online in productivity apps like Office 365 and G Suite keeps all your contributors happily productive. Box lets you preview over 120 file types from any device. Combine that with the best-of-breed stack of 1,400+ partner integrations, and project management with Box becomes a breeze.

Take advantage of task automation

Want your team to spend time doing work instead of managing it? With Box, you can assign tasks, set due dates, and monitor progress with simple task management. Or kick it up a notch by automating repeatable processes with Box Relay. Automating the things you do every day helps you streamline your project management and enhance your team’s productivity.

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What is project management?

When a team works together, applying knowledge, skills, and techniques to achieve specific goals, project management is essential. It includes managing every aspect of the project, from teams to tasks to tools, so the project will be completed within a specific timeframe and set of constraints. Typically, projects are driven by designated project managers with the aid of desktop or cloud project management software.

What is a project?

The project at the center of any project management effort is a series of tasks designed to achieve a particular outcome. That outcome might be a unique product, service, or result. Any project has a defined beginning, middle, and end, and can range from simple to complex.

What are the 5 stages of project management?

Every project goes through the same stages as part of the project lifecycle: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure. These stages of project management help provide predictability and give the project manager and the team a structured way to execute the project.

What is the difference between projects and programs?

Projects, as described above, are temporary organizations designed to deliver a particular output. Programs, on the other hand, are temporary organizations created to coordinate, direct the work, and supervise the delivery of a number of related projects that all contribute to a particular outcome.

What are the top skills that project managers need in order to be effective?

Top project managers excel in communicating in a clear and timely manner, managing project scope and goals, specifying the resources they need to be successful, and estimating and managing budgets.

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