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Never overshare again video

Never overshare again

Your business runs on content, from employee PII to campaign videos. And if you’re like most people, you’ve probably shared valuable content with the wrong people. Which is so not good. Lucky for you, oversharing isn’t in our vocabulary. See how the Content Cloud gives you total control — and total peace of mind.

Get all your teams on the same page

Get all your teams on the same page

Have you ever needed really important content to close a deal? Like a sales deck that you worked on with a bunch of teams? Well, you're not alone. Find out how the Content Cloud makes it easy for people to collaborate from anywhere and puts the right information at your fingertips.

The Content Cloud is where real work happens

We'll help you get the most out of your content. From file creation and sharing, to e-signature and retention, the Content Cloud gives you one secure, easy-to-use platform for the entire content journey. With intelligent security, industry compliance, workflow automation, and 1,500+ app integrations (and so much more!), you can put your valuable assets to work.

You’re in good company with the Content Cloud


This life sciences organization secures its content across a best-of-breed tech stack and gives 8,000 field sales reps access to the latest marketing assets from anywhere, on any device.

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Office of the Attorney General,
Washington D.C.

This government agency moved from legacy servers to Box, creating a secure content layer across all its apps and gaining protection against security and compliance risks.

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332% ROI? Now you’re talking.

Forrester did an in-depth study on the Total Economic Impact™ of Box and found that 332% ROI is just the beginning. From payback in under six months to $8.8M in end-user productivity gains, companies get huge financial benefits with the Content Cloud. Dive into the data and see for yourself.

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