Box Shield

Intelligent, frictionless security for the way you work today

Box Shield

Powerful security, faster business

Work today happens faster than ever, and that makes the challenge of protecting your most sensitive data even more complex. As your valuable information flows in and out of the organization — across teams, partners, vendors, and customers — the old-school approach to information security doesn't get the job done. That's why we built Box Shield, which lets you reduce risk and protect the flow of information without slowing down your business.

Classify your critical content

From PII to patient healthcare data to confidential finance documents, Box Shield lets you classify files and folders your way: manually or automatically. These labels, which are visible within Box, educate  teams about your company's security policies. Plus, classifying your content helps you enforce the appropriate security controls.

Prevent data leaks and drive productivity

Human error and malicious behavior cause 90% of all cyber claims.[1]  But your business doesn't have to be part of that statistic. Box Shield allows you to place security controls close to your content, which prevent leaks in real time while powering a simple, frictionless end-user experience. Our classification-based controls can be configured in minutes, so you protect your most valuable data while letting people do their mission-critical work.


[1] Willis Towers Watson research

Empower your security team with intelligent detection

With work happening from anywhere and attacks on the rise, security teams need to monitor for potential data theft and neutralize malicious content. Box Shield uses machine learning and a deep understanding of how people collaborate on Box to bring you timely, accurate alerts on insider threats, account compromise, and malware attacks. You can quickly evaluate alerts in Box Shield, or send them out to your existing tools for further analysis.


Integrate with your cloud security portfolio


Box Shield works with the best-of-breed security tools you already have in place. Its contextual alerts, which contain more actionable insights than ever before, can be integrated with your current SIEM and CASB solutions for monitoring and further analysis. That way, Box Shield's controls and insights serve as a valuable complement to your overall security portfolio.

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AT&T Cybersecurity
Palo Alto Networks

"At IU, sensitive information changes hands with over 100,000 users and thousands of collaborators around the world. Box Shield enables us to protect content with precision so we reduce risk without compromising speed and collaboration."


Bob Flynn, Manager, Cloud Technology Support, Indiana University

Key features

Define and manage security classification labels

Detect anomalous content download behavior

View Shield alert list and details in the Admin Console

Classify files or folders manually or automatically

Detect content access from suspicious sessions and locations

Detect malware and automatically restrict downloads and sharing

Enforce classification-based controls across Box native applications and third-party integrations

Create lists of IPs, domains, and locations for whitelist and blacklist purposes

Forward Shield alerts and classification activities to SIEM or CASB

Enterprise Suites

Get the best of Box with up to six products, including Box Shield, in one easy-to-buy plan. Our Enterprise Suites enable you to power best-in-class experiences — from security to workflow — across your entire organization. And they save you up to 35%.

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