Q1FY18: modernize ecm: module 41


Q1FY18: modernize ecm: submodule 41

Q1FY18: modernize ecm: gc submodule 41

Your content is important to your success. How you manage and make the most of it in the changing business landscape ahead will be even more so. Too many companies use costly, complex and inflexible systems that fail to make their content accessible across devices and locations. Managing your content in the cloud fosters collaboration, improves security and lowers costs, so your entire organization can work as one.

Rethink your content management strategy Rethink your content management strategy, so your business can Work as One.
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Q1FY18: modernize ecm: module 44 gartner webinar

Q1FY18: modernize ecm: submodule 44 gartner webinar

Q1FY18: modernize ecm: gc submodule 44 gartner webinar

Watch the video featuring Michael Woodbridge from Gartner Research, and Jeetu Patel, Box’s Chief Product Officer, as they discuss content management strategy in todays every-advancing world. Learn about recent changes within content markets, how companies are leveraging Cloud Content Management to better serve their business and hear recommended tactics to help streamline new digital endeavors. 

Gartner Webinar Interested in learning how Cloud Content Management is changing the way we do business in the digital age?Webinar
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