General Electric

GE, pioneering the digital industrial revolution

Companies at the forefront of the digital industrial revolution are looking to analytics and software to get more out of assets they already own. To capitalize on those assets, there can’t be any disconnects in the data — not in the office, and certainty not in the field, where equipment lives. That's why GE is leading innovation with the help of Cloud Content Management.


As a company spread out over 170 countries, GE knows the data conundrum well. To illustrate, CIO Jim Fowler tells a story: “Picture a field engineer who is doing an overhaul at a power plant. When that engineer is out on the power plant deck, and they need to start working on a part, they need a drawing. If they forget that drawing, they have to run a mile and a half back across the plant to find it.” 


GE needed a solution to such file-management and device-management shortcomings — a way to keep all content centralized and accessible from anywhere, as easily from a mobile device as from a desktop or laptop.

“GE is really all-in on digital. GE has this belief that industrial companies are about to go through a major chance to become digital industrials."

— Jim Fowler, CIO, GE


Technology to change process, not just place

As GE entered its digital journey, one of the company’s first questions was about how to keep data safe and secure while transmitting it around the world. For Fowler, this wasn't just about finding the right repository. It was about integrating GE's enterprise content management philosophies into all of the company's hands-on processes and technologies.


GE worked closely with Box to come up with the right strategy around digital key management and execute that strategy in a hands-on, customized way. “As we’ve worked with Box,” says Fowler, “every problem we’ve brought up, a solution comes back to us faster than we would have ever expected."


"We're looking across GE to find the initiatives we need to run to show other companies what 'best in class' looks like."

— Jim Fowler, CIO, GE


Committed to remaining a pioneer in energy

Industrial companies all over the world are scrambling to stay ahead in the digital industrial revolution. “We believe Box is an integral part of how we’re going to keep data connected throughout that entire process," says Fowler. Looking across GE, his eye is on the initiatives he needs to run to show other industrial companies what best in class looks like.