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Box Platform

Bring Cloud Content Management to your apps

At Box, we know that the digital businesses of tomorrow can't be built on yesterday's technologies. The Box Platform gives you access to Box APIs and the tools you need to integrate Box throughout your organization and build custom apps and integrations in the cloud — without having to build and maintain your own content management services. By bringing Cloud Content Management to every app, you connect every business interaction on a single, secure platform for your content.

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Automate the flow of content in your enterprise

Automate how content is managed in Box as part of your business processes. With our easy-to-use APIs, and tools you can run scripts to automate user management, settings or policies in Box programmatically, as well as migrate content in and out of Box as part of your custom workflows.

Simplify content management across apps

Streamline how content is shared, accessed and collaborated on across your business applications. With Box Platform users can work on content in their favorite apps while giving IT a centralized place to securely manage content in your enterprise.


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Build with best-in-class developer tools

We believe that digital transformation begins with content, but the basic foundation is built on code. Box provides you with easy-to-use APIs and SDKs, UI libraries, guides, and sample code, making it simple to learn and build with the Box Platform. Today, more than 200,000 developers are building with Box.

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The Value of Content APIs in Modern Application Development

Developer resources

Explore technical documentation of the Box APIs, guides, sample code, SDKs and client libraries, and much more.

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