Box Platform

Bring Cloud Content Management to your apps

Box Platform

Build powerful custom apps

At Box, we know that the digital businesses of tomorrow can't be built on yesterday's technologies. Box Platform gives you access to Box APIs and the tools you need to integrate Box throughout your organization and build custom apps and integrations in the cloud — without having to build and maintain your own content management services. By bringing Cloud Content Management to every app, you connect every business interaction on a single, secure platform for your content.

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Rich content experiences for every industry

Whether you're sharing the latest collateral with the sales team or providing patients with access to their medical records, Box Platform helps every business create incredible experiences for both their customers and employees. Cloud Content Management from Box makes it easy to share digital information, and gives your customers and teams a secure way to access, share and collaborate on content directly within your own custom apps.


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Content flows across your business processes

Box Platform enables you to use Box as the content management platform for your entire business, helping content flow seamlessly across every part of your organization. With our easy-to-use APIs, you can integrate Box with other apps and systems, run scripts to manage content, users or settings in Box programmatically, and interact with content in Box as part of your custom workflows and processes.


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for developers

Built for developers

We believe that digital transformation begins with content, but the basic foundation is built on code. Box provides you with easy-to-use APIs and SDKs, UI libraries, guides and sample code that make it simple to learn and build with Box Platform. Today, more than 100,000 developers are building with Box.

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“Box Platform lets us provide a richer quality experience to our customers by focusing on content. Now, our customers can use our services in new ways that were not previously possible.”

- Sham Telang, CTO, LegalZoom

Key features

Secure, encrypted cloud storage

Upload, access and manage content in the Box secure cloud platform, trusted by thousands of enterprise businesses around the world.

Sharing and collaboration

Enable users to share content via secure links and add comments and annotations to files, removing the need for emails and attachments.

Interactive file viewers

Display interactive viewers for documents, images, videos, 3D models, DICOM and dozens of other types of files using a powerful Javascript library.

Comprehensive event logging

Access a complete log of events for more than 70 different types of file, user and enterprise activity.

Search and metadata

Allow users to find files in Box with keyword-based queries and apply additional context and structure to files in Box.


Box supports HIPAA, FedRAMP Level 4, FINRA, PCI, AICPA SOC1 and SOC2, EU-US Privacy Shield, ISO 27018, ITAR and more.

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The Value of Content APIs in Modern Application Development

Developer resources

Explore technical documentation of the Box APIs, guides, sample code, SDKs and client libraries, and much more.

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