Box Business Plus

Unlimited storage 15GB upload size
This plan is best for businesses that collaborate and share heavily externally such as creative industries. Includes all Business plan features + metadata capabilities and you can add as many users outside of your business as you need. 
Biz plus

Unlimited collaboration possibilities

In addition to our standard collaboration features and administrative controls, this plan gives you more flexibility to work with business partners outside of your organization. You and your team have the ability to share and collaborate with all of your clients, vendors, or investors without having to pay for these external licenses. 

For example, you may need to share sensitive documents with investors who must remain anonymous to each other. You can create a virtual deal room throughout your investment cycles and never have to worry about the number of external licenses you have to use.

Stop endless searching

To make sure work is easy and efficient, your account comes with our Metadata feature to help you organize and search for files. Simply attach tags and information to your content to be able to filter them through our search bar.

For example, your marketing department can label vendor contracts by reference number, region, agreement dates, and then use search to find contracts by filtering those fields.

Need more security and compliance features?