Box Enterprise

Unlimited storage
5GB Upload Size

Best for corporate businesses that need top-notch security and compliance features.  

Includes all Business Plus plan features + use Box seamlessly with all your cloud tools while meeting your security and compliance needs across all devices.

Integrations to boost your productivity

Integrate Box with any cloud solutions you and your team use like Salesforce or Docusign to bring all content into one place with unlimited integrations on this plan.


For example, your sales team can view contracts stored within Box in their Salesforce view associated with each account. They can even add new contracts into the account's Box folder and get approval from their managers before the deal is sent out. 

Best-in-class security

Reinforce your Box account with two-step verification, watermarking documents, and our Device Trust feature, which allows you to verify the devices used to access Box.  Additionally, you can set up approval processes with automated flows to make your team more efficient. To meet your compliance needs, a variety of industry-specific compliance features, like HIPAA, are eligible with this plan.

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