Box and Office 365 - Productivity and Collaboration at Its Best

Need a business solution that will enhance security – without getting in the way of collaboration? Whether your company is evaluating Office 365 or is currently using it, our Box + Microsoft integrations provide you with the flexibility and productivity users want, the user experience they need, and the security and control that IT departments like yours, require.


We offer Box + Microsoft integrations that make it easy for business professionals to securely share, collaborate and manage their content across devices. Here's a few items we'll cover in this webinar:


  • Details on the newest integrations, including real-time co-authoring, Box for Office on mobile, and Excel previewing in Box
  • Strategic product integrations across Box and Microsoft
  • With Box for Office 365 on iOS and Android devices, users have the flexibility to work on Office files directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint mobile apps
  • Demos of these exciting, new integrations
  • Live Q&A


Join Trevor Niblock, Product Marketing at Box, and learn how companies are leveraging the combined strength of Box as a content management platform and Microsoft for productivity. Together, you can provide information workers the flexibility and productivity they want, better user experience, and ease of control for your organisation.