Document management made easy

Control the entire lifecycle of your documents and simplify content management

Document lifecycle

Create order out of content chaos

Are you drowning in a sea of documents? When files are not stored in a central location, the result is often poor organisation, mismanaged files and lost productivity. With Box, you can manage the entire document lifecycle from creation to retention — and everything in between.

Organised content. Productive organisations.

01Centralise document management

With your files stored in Box, you have a central workspace where you can create, view, organise and search through your files from any device.

02Simplify feedback and approval

Create rules for automating tasks such as reviews and approvals. You can also view up to 100 versions of a document and easily revert to an older version if needed.

04Manage archiving and retention

Don't let your documents manage you. Set automated policies to control document preservation, archival and deletion schedules.

Box reporting and admin controls

Robust access controls and reporting

With Box, you can keep track of your files with in-depth reporting on document statistics and performance, so that you can see who is accessing and using what content. Manage user permissions and ensure files are not being accessed by unauthorised users or devices.

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Box simplifies document management