When ease of use meets security, your business can finally Work as One.

Technology disruption is at an all time high, threatening some businesses and creating opportunities for others. Successful companies are rethinking the workplace, processes and IT infrastructure in their organisations. Making the journey from legacy IT to modernized, future-ready IT results in digital transformation that maximizes employee productivity, increases business agility and gives you the freedom to innovate.


Time for a retirement party — for your legacy IT

Network file shares were great — 20 years ago. Increasingly, businesses are harnessing the power of the cloud to give them what legacy systems never could: mobile access, collaboration inside and out of the company, greater security and visibility, and above all — a better way to work. Join us for our webinar to discover why it may be time for you to make that move to the cloud. 


Interested in learning how Cloud Content Management is changing the way we do business in the digital age?

Watch the video featuring Michael Woodbridge from Gartner Research, and Jeetu Patel, Box’s Chief Product Officer, as they discuss content management strategy in todays every-advancing world. Learn about recent changes within content markets, how companies are leveraging Cloud Content Management to better serve their business and hear recommended tactics to help streamline new digital endeavors. 

Collaboration is key


Collaboration is key to achieving business goals

Nearly 50% of respondents in this HBR survey say they expect a great user experience that enables collaboration beyond borders.

4 tips to kick-start your workflow automation journey


4 tips to kick-start your workflow automation journey

85% of IT decision-makers can readily identify business processes that are ripe for automation. Here are four tips to get you started.

Nationwide CIO: Here's how we centralised IT


Nationwide CIO: Here's how we centralised IT

See how one of the longest serving CIOs in the industry initiated the journey to Cloud Content Management.

Digital investments pay off in performance, efficiencies, collaboration


Digital investments pay off

Digital leaders trust IT to support growth, performance and client satisfaction.

Cloud Content Management with Box is the simple and secure way to modernise your IT infrastructure, bringing all of your people, information and applications together to transform how you work.

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Box customers are using Cloud Content Management to enact practical transformation across teams, and to find out how you too can use Box to benefit every line of business within your organization, download our ebook, Collaboration for the new workforce: 3 ways any team can work better with Box.

From small bakeries to Fortune 500 companies, Box transforms work in all industries. Learn how IT leaders made the successful transition to the cloud.

FICO is connecting employees and boosting productivity while keeping financial data safe.

Broadcom Limited is improving collaboration while saving $4.9M in IT costs.

AstraZeneca is fueling collaboration after moving their tech stack to the cloud.

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Want to understand the Economic Impact of moving to Box? Forrester TEI™ study shows you can achieve a 405% ROI.

Forrester TEI™ study

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The ease of use and ease of IT management, integrations with your favorite apps or our dedicated customer success teams — find your own reason to choose Box.

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