Box Relay

Workflow made simple

Relay UI

A simple way to accelerate business processes

Manual, repetitive tasks related to creating, reviewing and approving content slow down digital processes that are critical to running the business. Box Relay, co-developed with IBM, is a workflow tool that automates and standardizes these digital business processes. It enables anyone to build workflows to track and manage their processes, so they can spend time getting their work done, not managing it.

Box Relay Automate

Automate repetitive tasks

Using an intuitive design, anyone across the business can automate their processes – no need to write any code or involve IT. Simply upload content to a Box folder – or press "go" on an existing workflow template – and Relay will automatically launch a pre-defined business process. Relay routes content like contracts or new customer documentation to the right people (within or beyond your organization) for creation, review and approval.

Box Relay Accelerate

Accelerate core business processes

Connect core business systems, like your CRM, ERP and HR applications via API to orchestrate your processes. New employee record added to your HR system? Trigger an onboarding flow. New sales opportunity created? Trigger a sales contract process. Unlike alternative technologies, Relay allows users to maintain and adjust their workflows without having to ask IT. And if your workflow contains external parties – like contractors, new hires or vendors – collaborating with them is as simple as adding their email address.

ATB Financial

"When we go live with Box Relay, we will be able to drive processes such as mortgage renewals using a single source of customer data in Box. As well as eliminating the risk of losing important information, these automated workflows will help us cut processing times dramatically."

-Tyler Yates, Senior ECM Specialist at ATB

Track Progress

Track progress

Eliminate "checking in" emails and status meetings. Rapidly view the status of all your workflows in an intuitive dashboard. Get notifications when workflows are complete or when it's your turn to take action. And, most importantly, always know who's taking which action by which day, so projects always get done on time and with the right details.

Secure your collaboration

Secure your collaboration

Admins lose control over collaboration that occurs via email attachments. With Box Relay, all content lives within Box, giving organizations the same administrative control of the content in your workflow as you've come to expect of Box.

How teams use Relay

Box Relay works for every role in your organization. Whether you're processing invoices, reviewing and approving contracts, or on-boarding new employees, Box Relay makes automating these tasks a breeze.


Create the right checkpoints and handling for contract processes, negotiations and customer onboarding.


Close out the quarter with all the inputs you need, or manage budget and invoice approval processes.


Manage content review processes, agency communications, legal review or even just regular website maintenance.

R&D and Engineering

Handle code reviews, product launches and even quality assurance testing across teams and external resources.


Get on top of patent application processes, contract negotiations and board or policy approvals.


Build a better way to run legal and policy training, new hire processes and the approvals from every level of the organization.

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