Box for Financial Services

Helping banks, insurance and advisory firms securely manage and share sensitive financial data

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Safeguard valuable financial data

Financial institutions should be able to share proprietary information anytime, anywhere without compromising security. With a FINRA-compliant platform, Box offers firms the ability to intuitively share files on any device while ensuring content security.

Box also offers a rich ecosystem of service partners and integrations to extend and enhance our capabilities to meet your specific needs. Along with our key partnerships with IBM, Apple and Microsoft, Box seamlessly integrates with a wealth of financial services partners, including Accenture, DocuSign, Symantec and NetSkope.

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Box simplifies financial services

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Accelerate mobile productivity

Share data, review transactions and close deals from anywhere. Streamline portfolio management and conduct negotiations in a virtual data room — all from your mobile device.

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Better managed risk and compliance

With features such as FINRA compliance, watermarking, Box Verified Enterprise and Box KeySafe, Box empowers IT to enable end-users and secure your business communications.

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Improve customer experience

Simplify key processes with Box Platform. From automated mortgage workflows to investor portals, firms can build tools that minimise process time and deliver services faster.