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Box for Government gives Federal, State and Local government agencies simple, intuitive and secure ways to manage sensitive agency records, work across agency boundaries, and enable field operations, while reducing the cost and complexity of IT operations and infrastructure.  Our mission is to help government agencies achieve better mission outcomes by connecting public servants and constituents to their information.

Cross agency coordination

Some of the toughest challenges government agencies face require multiple agencies to work together on cases. Whether to respond to natural disasters, emergency management, public works, or law enforcement, Federal, State and local agencies have to work together in real time, often from the field. Box provides a new way for agencies to securely collaborate on cases and incidents, allowing personnel from different domains and jurisdictions to quickly common workspaces, access the same data in real time, and enable mobile driven workflows from any device, without having to worry about legacy challenges of firewalls, account management, and end point deployments

Field operations support

Citizens today expect public servants to help them where they are. Whether collecting sworn testimony, scanning evidence and capturing crime scene footage, or coordinating a multi-agency response to a nature disaster, or social workers visiting children in foster homes, government employees need to be able to access, capture and collaborate on digital content from mobile devices securely. The box platform allows agencies to access and manage any type of content from any mobile device, while maintaining compliance with government security requirements, including mobile device management, remote control, and content wiping and encryption. Wth Box Capture, agency personnel can securely capture voice, video, image and scanned data from the field, without that data residing on the device, maintaining FedRAMP, CJIS and ITAR requirements, and supporting BYOD use cases when enabling volunteer or contractor workforces. 

Digital citizen engagement

With the advent of consumer technologies in our personal lives, citizens expect to engage with government agencies in new ways, including online and through mobile apps. However, modernizing legacy applications by re-writing complex functionality, investing in massive infrastructure to support citizen demand, is not feasible for most agencies. The Box platform offers a micro-services based approach for agencies to easily and quickly stitch in content related workflows and services into their websites, portals and mobile apps, to facilitate government-to-citizen interaction in a secure and compliant manner. Agencies can quickly develop applications to enable forms submission, business license applications, tax submissions, 311, FOIA/Public Records, Procurement/vendor portals, HR portals and Grant submission applications. The box platform takes care of all content management behind the scenes, including storage, encryption, metadata, workflow, collaboration, notifications, versioning, preview, watermarking, and access rights management. Agencies can focus on the unique and specific citizen experiences, without having to build and scale the content management layers of their applications.

Legacy infrastructure modernization

Agency CIOs at the Federal, State and Local level are constantly challenged by budget reductions and increased expectations from their stakeholders. In the world of on-demand cloud services, most agencies are finding it difficult to continue to invest capital dollars to modernize and expand data centers, networks and server/storage infrastructure. As a result, these assets, and the associated applications often age out of support, resulting in greater cybersecurity and availability risks. Box offers a path for agencies to re-think how they manage content across the agency, and migrate it to an infinitely scalable cloud service with a predictable cost model. From simple use cases such as personal network drives, and team drives, to collaboration spaces such as Sharepoint, FTP servers, and intranet document libraries, to legacy ECM systems managing agency records, agencies can consolidate their content into the box platform, take advantage of unlimited storage and collaboration at no incremental cost, and retire significant portions of their infrastructure and data center footprint as a result. 


Box or Government is an open, cloud content management platform, with pre-built integrations with thousands of enterprise technologies that agencies use every day. In addition to our deep integrations with IBM, Microsoft and Google suite of solutions, agencies can leverage box as the content platform by integrating with Salesforce, Blackboard, Docusign, Silanis, Pega Systems, ServiceNow and Adobe, as well as many security, compliance, Records Management, eDiscovery, EMM and DLP platforms. Agencies can also use the Box Platform to easily integrate with their custom applications, or even lever the Box SDKs to build new content applications. 

How Box empowers the DOJ mission

The US Department of Justice is leveraging Box to improve the effectiveness and impact of its mission and empower their employees and stakeholders by connecting them to critical information.

U.S. DOJ Syncs Tradition with Scalable New Strategies

Box enables simple collaboration among outside stakeholders and all 59 U.S. Department of Justice component agencies.

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