Box World Tour Europe 2018

24 May 2018 | De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms London

Let's shape the future of work together

Box World Tour Europe is the only conference that brings together leaders across every part of the technology sector to define the future of work and show you how to thrive by building a digital-first company.


In the digital age, every part of business and work is changing — how you collaborate, manage information, build apps and even power your business processes is all completely different today. Box World Tour Europe is where you find out how to lead through that change. This year's event brings together visionaries, champions and technologists to drive completely new ways for businesses of all sizes to work better together. Our sessions include specialized content for executives, practitioners and developers . Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to take your next great leap.

BWT 2018

Join us at Box World Tour Europe to immerse yourself in an unparalleled day of learning, where you'll have the opportunity to:


  • See how Box's product vision aligns with your business goals
  • Immerse yourself in the Box culture
  • Discover new developer tools and resources to develop best-in-class digital experiences
  • Talk with Box Partners to understand the Box ecosystem
  • Connect with Box team members for deep-dive learning
  • Meet with current Box customers for shared learning and hear case studies
  • Learn more about Box and how current and new features can drive business results



Aaron levie
Aaron Levie

Box CEO, Co-founder and Chairman

Jo Pettifer
Jo Pettifer

VP EMEA Marketing, Box

jeetu patel
Jeetu Patel

Chief Product Officer, Box

nathalie laneret
Nathalie Laneret

Director of Privacy Policy at CIPL

angus mccallum
Angus McCallum

CIO, Met Police

John sullivan
John Sullivan

CIO, Virgin Trains

berhnard goetze
Bernhard Goetze

CIO, Apleona

Jason shaw
Jason Shaw

Director of IT & Systems, GVA

Tim harris
Tim Harris

CTO, Mirriad

mark stevenson
Mark Stevenson

crispen maung
Crispen Maung

VP Compliance, Box

Elena Gilotta
Elena Gilotta

Legal Director, Data Privacy, Box

Georg Borges
Georg Borges

Hendrik Reese
Hendrik Reese

Senior Manager, PwC

Pete Elliott
Peter Elliott

Head of Box Consulting

Rand Wacker
Rand Wacker

VP Product marketing, Box

Eleanor Meyers
Eleanor Meyers

CIO, Medair

Alexis Fritel
Alexis Fritel

Sales Engineer, Box

Mike Schwartz
Mike Schwartz

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Box

Tim Harris
Tim Harris

CTO, Mirriad

Laura Conrardy
Laura Conrardy

Team Lead Customer Success, Box

Nicholas Finch
Nicholas Finch

CIO, Concentra Analytics

Chris Erridge
Chris Erridge

Senior Digital Content Manager, Network Rail

Stijn Stabel
Stijn Stabel

CIO, Alcopa

James davies
James Davies

Senior Solutions Architect, Box

jack charlesworth
Jack Charlesworth

Technical Consulting Analyst, Box

Andy Jones
Andy Jones

Head of Digital, Social Media and Film, Network Rail

Carrie Palin
Carrie Palin

CMO, Box


Doors open and registration

Morning keynote



Maximising GDPR and the future of compliance

Struggling to tackle GDPR and maximise your investment in compliance? Hear from Crispen Maung, the VP of Compliance at Box and a panel of industry experts as they discuss information security, privacy matters (incl. GDPR) and the future of compliance and cloud computing.


Box Transform - accelerate your digital business

The rapid pace of innovation makes deploying a comprehensive digital strategy a challenge. In this session, discover Box Transform and how this white-glove program has allowed companies to move faster, while delivering a superior experience for their customers.

  • Peter Elliott, Head of Box Consulting


Don't Fall into the Security Gap - using security features effectively

Box offers best-in-class security features, but do you know and use them all effectively?  In this session, hear from our customer speakers and Box experts who will share best practices, tips, and commonly missed security gaps.


Automated for the people - Box Relay

Do your teams have repetitive, daily work processes that slow them down? In this session we will explore the importance and simplicity of process automation using Box Relay and Nintex.  From simple workflows which eliminate manual tasks and increase personal productivity, to advanced processes which enrich your content with intelligence from across the organisation.

  • Alexis Fritel, Sales Engineer, Box


Build with the Box Platform - integrate, extend and build apps with the power of Box

Box Platform enables you to build custom applications using the same technologies that power Box - so you're able to focus on what you do best. In this session, we'll explore the capabilities and common usage patterns for the Box Platform and provide an overview of our developer toolset.

  • Mike Schwartz, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Box
  • Tim Harris, CTO, Mirriad
  • Vibhor Kapoor, VP Platform Marketing, Box


Cloud Content Management - Customer Panel

Why CCM? In this session, fellow Box customers share their journey, from reducing capital expenditures and operating expenses to creating digital workplaces and becoming true digital businesses.

  • Laura Conrardy, Team Lead Customer Success, Box
  • Nicholas Finch, CIO, Concentra Analytics
  • Chris Erridge, Senior Digital Content Manager, Network Rail
  • Stijn Stabel, CIO, Alcopa


From Here to There: Migrating Content- Box Shuttle

Want to replace an on-premises file server, or migrate from an existing cloud-based deployment to Box?  In this session, you'll learn the tactical nuts and bolts of content migration from the Box experts and hear best practices and lessons learned from our customers.

  • James Davies, Senior Solutions Architect, Box
  • Jack Charlesworth, Technical Consulting Analyst, Box
  • Jason Shaw, Director of IT & Systems, GVA


Can't We All Get Along - Integrations

Does your organisation use Box alongside Office 365, Slack, Google, Salesforce, and other productivity tools? In this session, learn tips from successful customers of all sizes about how they integrate Box with a range of other cloud-based applications. 


Governance for the digital business

All you hear these days is cloud first and mobile first. These developments are in fact, making it harder than ever to maintain good IP governance. Learn how to set the right guardrails to reduce risk, manage content, whilst empowering users.


Bring intelligence to your content - Box Skills

The digital age is fueling an unprecedented creation of business content. We believe that machine learning is the only scalable way to solve for this. In this session, we'll dive into the Box Skills - a framework for bringing the best machine learning innovations to your content in Box

  • Mike Schwartz, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Box


Afternoon Keynote

Networking Reception


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